Hiding UFO technology and censored science (Part 3)


Censored Science

The US military is keeping over 5,000 patents secret from the public. Other militaries around the world are doing the same. What about cutting-edge scientific knowledge?

The military tries to keep all information related to the group of strategic advantages hidden. This is the foundation of military doctrine. It is known that secrecy orders enable U.S. defense agencies to control patents, including those developed privately ( The U.S. Government’s Secret Inventions). Over 5,000 patents have been hidden from the public. Other states are most likely protecting patents relevant to the development of advanced military technology in the same way. Unfortunately, there is also a possibility that some of these patents may have useful applications for civil purposes as well.

Similar to patents, it is certain that the military does not want to share scientific discoveries that enable the realization of strategic advantage technology. Such scientific knowledge is unquestionably classified, regardless of whether it was achieved in military or civilian laboratories. Military and civilian scientists who took part in this research are required to remain silent about it.

The military does not want top scientific knowledge of interest to the enemy to be accessible to civilian scientists. In this way, the development of advanced military technology is made as difficult as possible for the potential adversary.

It is logical to conclude that most of the top scientific breakthroughs in military laboratories are unknown to us.

Superior highly classified science and censored science

There is no doubt that the science available to civilians is also under strict military censorship. It is safe to say that scientific knowledge that enables the development of militarily superior technology has been removed from the public. Civilian scientists know nothing about it.

We come to a strange situation. According to all the above, it is logical to conclude that science (especially physics) is divided into:

  1. Superior highly classified science
    Science that only scientists in top-secret military research laboratories have access to. This science, among other things (? ), serves as the foundation for the development of superior technology, such as spacecraft with antigravity propulsion. Logically, the military keeps something like this extremely well away from the public eye.
  2. Censored science
    It is science available to the public. This science lacks key insights that could serve as the foundation for the development of militarily advanced technologies. At the same time, there is a possibility that some of the theories that lead to wrong conclusions are intentionally supported (distorted science).

One can, however, go a step further in that direction. Simply put, the opponent should be served a slightly distorted, manipulated version of science, which will lead him astray. Such science will be ineffective in the development of advanced technology, such as UFO technology.

It is becoming clear that science available to the general public is censored. In addition, it is quite likely that errors have been deliberately introduced into scientific theories. It is difficult to conclude what kinds of errors were made because they were made by those who know the job well. For example, it is possible that insisting on the dual nature of particles (particle and wave) is one of the possible intentionally introduced errors. There will be more talk about that.

We must ask ourselves what kind of science is persistently propagated to us. How reliable are the key theories? Can we apply them to the development of advanced technology such as antigravity propulsion? They gave theories like the theory of gravity, electromagnetism, and quantum mechanics full of errors. Is it possible that all of this will lead us to a dead-end? How effective was military censorship?

History tailored to the military

The military, on the other hand, is most likely censoring history as well. This is especially true of ancient alien visitors’ artifacts. All artifacts that could be evidence of ancient advanced technology must be kept out of our reach. The principle is simple: hide the evidence and then ask where the evidence is. History is most likely being deliberately distorted and falsified. All of this is also true for suspicious objects on the Moon, Mars, and other celestial bodies. Previously, forgery was accomplished by retouching images, but this is no longer the case thanks to programs such as Photoshop. The eventual UFO crash is handled quickly and efficiently by the military without many witnesses.

All in all, this is not a conspiracy theory, but a classic military strategy. Covering up knowledge that provides a strategic advantage is at the core of the military strategy. The military is just doing its job. Someone has knowledge in their hands that could improve, perhaps save the world. Whether that knowledge will ever come to light is a big question.

How to solve the problem of hidden science and open the way to free energy and UFO propulsion

Only patient research by independent researchers will gradually solve this problem. At the same time, independent researchers must understand that there is no business with free energy and UFO propulsion. They must openly share their knowledge. They must be aware that this is for the benefit of all of us. I think that the problems of free energy and controlling gravity will be solved in small, almost invisible steps that will slowly become known to everyone.

This new knowledge will provide us with infinite resources of energy and space. Everything that governments know about free energy and UFO propulsion will never be made public, as long as there is a military. An additional problem is that many scientists make good money on old theories. Certainly, they hinder progress so as not to run out of money. Many of them (“guardians of science”) are well-paid and tasked with censoring science. Altogether, they form a mass of people and institutions that slows down scientific development. There is no need to talk about the energy trade itself, except that it should be emphasized that all countries provide a large part of their tax revenue by taxing energy. That is why individual energy production does not suit them at all.