UFOs Books

Dr Tom Valone (Actor), Dr. Brian O’Leary (Actor), Tim L Crawford (Director)

Free Energy and Antigravity Propulsion / Miracle in the Void – Dr. Tom Valon & Dr. Brian O’Leary

by SUNRISE Information Services (Author)

Can UFOs Advance Science? A New Look at the Evidence

by Herbert G. Dorsey III (Author)

Secret Science and the Secret Space Program

by Kenneth W. Behrendt (Author)

The New Science of the Ufo

by J. Dele Adekugbe (Author)

UFO Explained: Within Many-World Physics

by Stanton T. Friedman (Author), Dr. Edgar Mitchell (Foreword), Dr. Bruce Maccabee (Foreword)

Flying Saucers and Science: A Scientist Investigates the Mysteries of UFOs

by Timothy Green Beckley (Author), Tim R. Swartz (Author)

Men of Mystery: Nikola Tesla and Otis T. Carr

by Paul R. Hill (Author), Robert Wood (Foreword), Don Crosbie Donderi (Contributor)

Unconventional Flying Objects: A Former NASA Scientist Explains How UFOs Really Work

by Grey_00112234 (Author)


by Steven M. Greer (Author)

Hidden Truth: Forbidden Knowledge

by Robert Farrell (Author)

The Science Behind Alien Encounters

by Kenneth W. Behrendt

Secrets of UFO Technology