Is the UFO’s Propulsion System Based on a Mass Manipulation Device?


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  • Various phenomena (effects, tracks, etc.) associated with unknown flying objects (UFO/UAP) are described in the article “UFO-Anomalous Flying Characteristics and Other Phenomena Related to the UFO Propulsion System“. All of these phenomena demonstrate unequivocally that the UFO propulsion system (drive) causes four unexpected physical deviations (anomalies) associated with gravity, inertia, interaction with the environment, and a change in the local flow of time.
  • In the article “Do UFOs Use Anti-Gravity Propulsion?,” an attempt is made to determine whether the characteristics of the frequently mentioned hypothetical antigravity drive match those of the UFO drive. Compared to the anomalies created by the UFO propulsion system (4 anomalies), the anti-gravity propulsion system is able to cause only one anomaly (a reduction of the influence of the gravitational field in the vicinity of the UFO craft). Therefore, it can be concluded that there are significant differences between the two drives.

A propulsion system based on a mass manipulation device

The main problem is mass

As far as space travel is concerned, as well as travel in the Earth’s airspace, the gravitational field gives us great difficulties. A significant amount of energy is required to overcome the Earth’s gravitational field. Space rockets are a good example of this. Huge amounts of rocket fuel are used to launch a relatively small payload into Earth’s orbit.

Rocket engines perform two tasks at the same time. In addition to overcoming the attractive force of gravity, rocket engines must also overcome the inertial force. Gravity constantly exerts a gravitational force on the rocket, pulling it toward the ground (more precisely, gravity pulls the mass of the rocket). At the same time, the rocket’s inertial force opposes its acceleration. Overcoming the forces of gravity and inertia necessitates a substantial amount of fuel ( energy ).

However, we know from physics that the forces of gravity and inertia appear only because the body (in this case, the rocket) has a property that we call mass. Therefore, the mass of the craft is directly responsible for energy consumption. It is evident that reducing the mass of rockets, like any other aircraft, is the key to saving fuel.

Due to these reasons, reducing aircraft mass (weight) is the main priority during aircraft construction. We use lighter materials to reduce the mass of aircraft and rockets. This, however, has its limits.

The anomalous movement of UFOs and their mass

It is obvious that unidentified flying objects do not have such problems with mass and energy. Based on their strange movements, one might conclude that they have almost no mass. Many people who have seen UFOs have noticed that they move very differently than aircraft. UFOs can abruptly change course at a right or even sharp angle. They, however, do not make U-turns like airplanes and other aircraft. They can also rapidly accelerate and decelerate.

In some cases, UFOs have been observed to achieve accelerations ranging from 70g to over 5000g. More about that here.  Such extreme accelerations are impossible to achieve with a conventional drive. Extreme inertial forces would appear as a result of such accelerations, implying that energy consumption would be enormous. It is also debatable whether there are materials that could ensure the vehicle’s structural stability under such loads. At the same time, it is certain that the beings in that craft would not be able to survive such extreme accelerations.

How do achieve extreme acceleration?

All of the facts about extreme acceleration leave a strange impression. Such effects are possible if the UFO’s mass is extremely small. For these reasons, we can ask ourselves what is the mass of a UFO?

When UFOs descended to the ground, they frequently left quite visible footprints, even on hard ground. They were usually medium-sized UFOs (about 10m or something smaller or larger). Based on these, it can be concluded that their masses are not negligible. Although I do not have exact data, it is clear that such footprints can be left by craft weighing several tons, if not tens of tons. With such large masses of UFO craft, as well as their extreme accelerations, their propulsion would require enormous amounts of energy. Such a thing is an impossible mission for us. However, it is clear that alien civilizations have devised a clever way to avoid all of these problems.

Among other things, it is certain that a conventional propulsion system could not produce the extreme accelerations that UFO craft can achieve with ease. The only way to find a solution to this puzzle is to assume that the UFO’s propulsion system is capable of significantly reducing the mass of the craft in a way that is not yet known to us.

It is obvious that the UFO has a large mass at the moment it is on the ground. Its mass is not significantly different from an airplane of a similar size. However, given the possibility of extreme accelerations, it can be assumed that its propulsion system significantly reduces the craft’s mass during flight. Reduced mass allows the UFO craft to achieve extreme accelerations as well as simply stay in the air with minimal energy consumption.

Science, UFO, and mass manipulation?

In terms of science, it can be stated that our science has no idea how to reduce the mass of a body. In fact, many things in our science argue against the possibility that such a thing is possible. Admittedly, one can occasionally hear speculations about the Higgs field and the possibility of reducing mass. However, not everyone believes in the existence of the Higgs field (example: “The Higgs Fake: How Particle Physicists Fooled the Nobel Committee“).

The problem, among other things, is that we have assigned many properties to the mass.

This clearly indicates that there are more unknown mechanisms behind what we consider mass. This will be covered in greater detail soon in Disruptive Physics. At the same time, there is a reasonable suspicion that some information is being withheld from the general public (Censored science).

Alien visitors have long been familiar with some of the physical laws we have yet to discover. Many areas that we consider impossible are open to them. Their science has undoubtedly been evolving for thousands, if not millions, of years. In relation to them, we are still in the early stages of attempting to understand nature, when many errors and dead ends are made.

The UFO craft demonstrates something that could only be achieved by understanding the higher (advanced, deeper) laws of nature. The information we gain from observing these unknown crafts can help us correct the course of our science.

UFOs, as previously stated, clearly indicate that a mass manipulation is a possible option. A hypothetical device designed to control the mass of a body can be referred to as a mass manipulator. A drive (propulsion system) that is based on a mass manipulation device can be called a mass manipulator drive.

We have to be careful with the mass manipulator

Let us suppose that one day we will be able to understand the physics that allows us to build a mass manipulator. After we build such a device and install it on a test craft, we will reduce the aircraft’s mass to a minimum so that only a small amount of energy is consumed during the flight.

However, we must exercise extreme caution when it comes to mass reduction. We will have a major problem if we reduce the mass of the craft to near zero. Any small force acting on the craft, such as wind or the force created by a beam of light (photons), could accelerate it to extreme speeds.

That would not be very pleasant, because due to all the possible influences of the environment, they would move chaotically in space. However, it is possible that they would be lucky in all this. In the event of a collision, the aircraft would not be destroyed. If an object, an asteroid, a micrometeorite, or anything else hit the craft, the craft would simply be deflected with no consequences. Due to the craft’s low mass, the forces generated by the collision would not be enough to destroy its structure.

A sufficiently small mass would allow a spacecraft to be accelerated to nearly the speed of light in a relatively short period of time. Perhaps the most convenient drive for such a thing is a sufficiently powerful beam of light or an ion drive. A sufficiently strong radio wave could also be used for this purpose. Interestingly, UFOs are very often equipped with different light sources, which sometimes suggests that they play a significant role in driving and controlling these vehicles. At the same time, it has been observed on several occasions that they react nervously when a stronger beam of light, such as car headlights or a powerful flashlight, is directed at them. It’s unclear whether it interferes with their drive system or has any other significance.

The mass manipulator in negative mass mode

As for mass manipulation, you can also look at the following variant. So far, we have considered that we can reduce the mass of the craft or possibly reduce it to zero. In this case, the mass can be considered positive or equal to zero. 

But what if our mass manipulation device can adjust the mass so that it enters the negative region? While a body with a positive mass is attracted by gravity, in the case of a body with a negative mass, gravity would act as a repulsive force. This means that the gravitational field would act as a drive that pushes the craft into space. The force pushing the craft into space would increase as the negative mass of the craft increased. An excellent substitute for rockets and rocket fuel.

When the craft has a negative mass, another interesting effect appears in terms of inertia. A negative inertial force occurs when a force acts on a body with a negative mass. Both the excitation force and the negative inertia force act in the same direction. In this sense, the force acting on a body with a negative mass is added to the amount of negative inertial force. In other words, instead of force of inertia acting as a brake, it additionally increases the force acting to accelerate the body. This would cause the body to accelerate even more. With a small propulsive force, a craft with negative mass could achieve extremely high accelerations. This is very reminiscent of the accelerations observed in UFO craft.

Therefore, the negative mass could act as a drive, allowing the craft to break free from the gravitational field and accelerate upwards. In addition, the craft’s negative mass combined with additional propulsion could be used to create extreme accelerations.

To maintain a constant altitude, it is not desirable to completely exclude the craft’s mass. As previously stated, this could lead to chaotic motion due to various external forces. Floating in the air could be accomplished by rapidly switching from positive to negative mass mode and vice versa. This would nullify the gravitational field’s influence. As much as the gravitational field would attract the positive mass and push it down, it would also push the negative mass up.

Mass manipulation propulsion is superior to antigravity propulsion

As previously stated, the operation of the UFO propulsion system results in the appearance of UFO anomalies. For that reason, UFO anomalies can be used to compare and assess how similar a hypothetical propulsion system is to the characteristics of a UFO propulsion system.

Four significant anomalies related to a UFO craft’s propulsion system were observed:

  1. The effect of gravity on the UFO craft is reduced.
  2. The inertia force of the UFO craft is reduced.
  3. The interaction of UFO craft with the environment (air, water) is reduced.
  4. The flow of time in the vicinity of the UFO craft is slowed.

It was established in the previous article that the antigravity drive causes only one anomaly. Its operation reduces the gravitational field’s influence on the craft (gravitational anomaly).

A mass manipulator can create the following two anomalies:

  1. Gravitational anomaly – the gravitational influence on the craft is reduced due to the reduction of its mass.
  2. Inertial anomaly – by decreasing the craft’s mass, the inertial forces are reduced, which opens up the possibility of extreme accelerations.

The table below compares the anomalies produced by the UFO drive, antigravity drive, and mass manipulation device-based drive (mass manipulator drive):

The table clearly shows that a mass manipulator drive corresponds to the characteristics (anomalies) of a UFO drive better than an antigravity drive.

Why the name “mass manipulation devices” and not “inertial mass reduction devices”?

I was guided by the opinion that a mass manipulation device (or mass manipulator) is a broader term. This also means that the mass manipulator would have multiple modes of operation, as opposed to only one mode of operation enabled by the inertial mass reduction device.

It can be considered that the mass manipulator is able to perform the following actions:

  • Reduce or increase the inertial and gravitational mass of the craft.
  • Completely cancel the mass of the craft.
  • Enable the mass of the craft to be negative.
  • It is able to quickly switch between the modes of positive and negative mass with the aim of achieving different effects.

The other side of the coin is the existence of inertial and gravitational mass, which are often mentioned in physics. It was established with great precision that inertial mass and gravitational mass are the same in amount. As a result, there is no reason not to consider these two masses to be the same.

This could imply that there is only one mass involved in the mechanism of creating inertial and gravitational forces, rather than two separate masses (inertial and gravitational). As a result, the device that reduces the mass of the craft simultaneously reduces the inertial and gravitational forces acting on the craft.

However, many physicists will not agree with that. It seems to me that the problem lies in our insufficient or even incorrect knowledge of the causes of inertial and gravitational forces. There will be more talk about this in Disruptive Physics soon.

Patent related to inertial mass reduction device

It is interesting that there is even a patent regarding the reduction of the mass of the craft: “Craft using an inertial mass reduction device“. Even more interesting is the fact that the patent was submitted by Salvatore Cezar Pais, a US Navy researcher.

It seems to me that opinions are divided about that patent. This may be just one of a series of deceptions intended to deceive the public. Perhaps they want to show that such a thing is not possible without massive resources and long-term development. The goal is to discourage potential researchers so that they abandon their plans before they even begin.