Hiding UFO technology and censored science – Part 1

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Introduction (short version)

We know that all scientific knowledge that can be used to gain a military advantage is under the supervision of the military and is classified as top secret. Anything that could significantly change our current political and financial situation or fundamentally change our worldview (for example, the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations) is also under the seal of top secret.
The government, in agreement with the military, determines when and in what form something will be published. However, since they do not yet see the light in the tunnel (what light? ), their goal is to keep the current situation as long as possible. Meanwhile, they are spreading misinformation to conceal the true situation from a larger audience. Distinguished scientists have the task of constantly repeating the mantra “Are we alone?” while at the same time, they are secretly working on extraterrestrial technology research in collaboration with the military.
Scientific knowledge obtained through reverse engineering is strictly guarded and is not made public. Science available to the public is purposefully manipulated to mislead potential opponents.
This is not a conspiracy theory, but rather classic military logic.
The question is, where does this lead us? Why don’t governments make a public statement about UFOs’ alien origins? What do governments know and we don’t? Could hidden science be used for the common good?

Are all governments aware of extraterrestrial visitors?

It can be considered that the modern era of UFO cases began on June 24, 1947. Then businessman and private pilot Kenneth Arnold claimed to see a group of nine very fast objects near Mount Rainier in Washington while flying his plane. However, even before that, during WWII, pilots began to report luminous flying objects (Foo Fighters). More than 75 years have passed since then.

In the meantime, there have been numerous reports of UFO sightings all over the world. No state is immune to that. Many people all over the world have had the opportunity to see and photograph aircraft with unusual shapes and flight characteristics. We are unable to explain the maneuvering characteristics of UFOs using the known laws of physics. They have a highly advanced propulsion system that is vastly different from the types of propulsion we are used to. UFOs have been observed moving through the atmosphere, below the water surface, and in space (transmedia vehicles). Some of the witnesses claim to have seen or even communicated with an alien UFO crew.

We know that all countries closely monitor their airspace for security reasons. Almost all countries have long had sophisticated radar systems capable of detecting any unregistered aircraft. There is no doubt that UFOs have frequently appeared in the airspace of all countries during the past 75 years. That certainly did not go unnoticed. Many countries had the opportunity to collect a large amount of radar and photographic footage, as well as credible statements by military and civilian pilots about their encounters with UFOs.

Considering this rather long period of 75 years, the following can be assumed:

  1. During those 75 years, UFOs have occasionally appeared in the airspace of all countries. 
  2. Each country had the opportunity to spot UFOs in its airspace and collect a large amount of data about them.
  3. Some countries have attempted to bring down UFOs, which has not proven to be a good idea.
  4. Soon, all governments realized that UFOs should be ignored because they do not pose a direct threat.
  5. After governments gathered enough information, they came to the conclusion that UFOs are alien spacecraft based on very advanced technology.
  6. Governments worldwide have become aware that UFO technology allows for extremely fast travel within the solar system as well as interstellar travel.
  7. Governments realized that mastering UFO technology would not only benefit military purposes, but would also provide access to vast amounts of space resources. This technology would also allow them to quickly and easily terraform and populate other planets.

When did all countries realize that UFOs are alien technology?

However, it is reasonable to assume that the period of gathering facts and developing a comprehensive picture of UFOs did not last 75 years. Depending on the governments, but also on the installed radar systems, it is reasonable to assume that it took 5 to 20 years to figure out what was going on. If this is not the case, such governments may be deemed catastrophically inefficient. It can be taken into account that by the mid-1960s, almost all governments had realized that UFOs were spacecraft piloted by intelligent alien beings. They also realized that these were visits from highly advanced alien civilizations capable of interstellar travel.

All this suggests that the science of these advanced civilizations is much more developed than ours. It is understandable that research into the principles underlying UFO technology should be considered extremely important. The knowledge they would gain by studying this technology could significantly impact the prosperity of humanity.

It would also be important that we strive to establish contact with alien visitors. Their help would be invaluable to us, especially at this time when we are exposed to various global problems that we need to address urgently.

Do governments and scientists take UFO sightings seriously?

Given all of this, it is reasonable to expect governments and the scientific community to take the UFO phenomenon seriously. On the contrary, they are constantly attempting to conceal and deny any and all UFO-related information. They are even less interested in considering the possibility of extraterrestrial UFO origins. Ignoring all the evidence, the scientists tirelessly repeat the question, “Are we alone?”

The scientific community around the world, almost unanimously, considers that the study of UFO phenomena falls into the category of pseudo-science. Apparently, this seeks to disqualify scientists who want to investigate UFO phenomena.

All governments pursue similar policies. Almost every country’s military, particularly in the United States, Russia, and China, is attempting to give the impression that it is uninterested in UFOs. On the other hand, intimidation seeks to prevent officials, and sometimes civilians, from making public statements about their encounters with UFOs.

UFO technologies and harnessing the infinite resources of space

What governments have known about UFOs and alien visitors for more than 50 (or even 70) years, they do not want to share publicly. Along the way, they purposefully distort the facts to confuse everyone interested in UFOs. Why would governments want to hide this from us? Wouldn’t it be beneficial for the entire world to collaborate publicly on the development of UFO technology? By doing so, we could quickly make tremendous progress. UFO technologies would enable us to harness the infinite resources of space for the benefit of all.

However, we have to ask ourselves how dangerous UFO technology is if it is used for the wrong purposes. Are we up to it? We are most likely not because we are constantly fighting wars and developing weapons of mass destruction. We are ready to fight forever to take away a piece of land from another, unaware that whole planets are waiting for us in space that we could adapt to our living conditions. We should also be aware that even with what we have, we can accomplish a lot if we do not provoke wars and do not waste our resources on weapons. However, a sizable proportion of the population is still a long way from adopting such a viewpoint. As a result, we may not be able to escape the never-ending cycle of war and destruction without the assistance of significantly advanced alien civilizations. It is obvious that our attitudes directly lead to self-destruction. The only remaining question is when. After that, we will no longer need governments or the infinite resources of space.

Let’s try to figure out why almost all countries are involved in the UFO cover-up network, in the following article: Part2 (Military strategy and UFO cover-up).

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