UFO-Anomalous Flying Characteristics and Other Phenomena Related to the UFO Propulsion System


This article lists the majority of the phenomena (anomalies, effects) that are most likely caused by the UFO propulsion system (UFO drive). This could be a good starting point for anyone interested in researching the physics of the UFO propulsion system. Your ideas, opinions, and criticisms will undoubtedly lead to the growth or modification of this list of phenomena over time. We can discuss it in the Facebook group (Disruptive Physics and UFO Technology) I just started.

Unusual UFO flight characteristics

Witnesses are frequently surprised by the strange and, according to physical laws, impossible flight characteristics of UFOs. “Estimating Flight Characteristics of Anomalous Unidentified Aerial Vehicles” is an interesting scientific paper devoted to the investigation of these unusual UFO flying characteristics. It is based on well-known cases of UFO encounters involving military and civilian pilots, as well as radar personnel.

The following lists the most common observations about UFOs’ anomalous flight characteristics. Some data was taken from the previously mentioned paper.

  1. Extreme acceleration – the observed UFO accelerations range from about 70g to well over 5000g. It’s unclear how beings inside UFOs survive such extreme accelerations. It’s also unclear how the UFO’s structure can withstand all of this. Such accelerations would also necessitate extremely high energies. However, if the mass of the UFO could be artificially reduced (which we cannot do at the moment), the energy required for acceleration would be reduced as well.
  2. Hypersonic speeds – 13000 mph (21000 km/h) and higher.
  3. No interaction with air – no sound shock, and no traces of steam as a result of supersonic movement.
  4. Sudden turn – UFOs can change direction at high speeds at the right or even sharp angle, unlike traditional aircraft, which must make a fairly large circular arc when turning. Such a thing would be possible if the mass of UFOs was artificially reduced.
  5. There are no traces of the operation of the propulsion engines – no characteristic sound, no exhaust fumes, no thermal traces. This indicates that it is a type of exotic propulsion system, that reduces the gravitational field’s influence, such as antigravity.
  6. There are no characteristic control or buoyancy surfaces.
  7. Transmedia travel – unlike traditional aircraft, UFOs are designed to fly through the air and space, but they can also pass through water, much like submarines.
  8. Sudden appearances or disappearances – UFOs can suddenly appear or disappear. It is unclear whether this is complete optical concealment or an interdimensional journey. At the same time, it is possible that due to extremely high acceleration and high speeds, we are not able to notice the trajectory of the UFO.
  9. Lack of interaction with matter – this characteristic is similar to 3 in some ways (No interaction with air). However, in rare cases, UFOs have been observed to be capable of passing not only through air or water but also through solid matter. UFOs, for example, have been observed disappearing beneath the Earth’s surface or in volcanic shafts. It was also observed that they vanished under ice or snow, moved through the walls of the rooms, and so on. There was no visible interaction with the matter. In other words, they are able to avoid the influence of matter in some way.

Other phenomena associated with UFO propulsion system

Several phenomena have been observed that could be attributed to the operation of the UFO propulsion system:

  1. Time anomaly – according to many witnesses, a significant time slowdown was observed near the UFO craft.
  2. Blurred contours – although clear UFO contours have been seen in some cases, most UFOs have been seen with significantly blurred contours.
  3. Magnetic phenomena – compass needle rotation was observed near the UFO. When the car was near a UFO, some metal parts (such as the car body) became magnetized. This suggests that magnetic fields are important in the operation of the UFO propulsion system.
  4. Radiation – skin damage has been observed in people who have been near the UFO. This suggests that magnetic fields play a significant role in the operation of the UFO propulsion system.
  5. Force field – on several occasions, a strong (whirl) wind caused by an unknown force was observed right below the UFO.


Most of these phenomena (anomalies, effects) clearly indicate deviations from the known physical laws. Based on the preceding, it is clear that at least four anomalies (deviations from the physical laws) can be noticed as a result of the UFO propulsion system’s operation. 

Based on the unusual flight characteristics, it is possible to conclude (1,2):
1. The gravitational force on the UFO craft is reduced.
Inertia of UFO craft is reduced.

When a UFO moves at supersonic speeds, no sound shock is produced. It also moves at unusually fast speeds through the water. This leads to the following conclusion (3):
3. Interaction with the environment is reduced.

Time anomalies observed in the vicinity of the UFO (for example, unexplainable time loss, slow helicopter rotor movement) indicate that (4):
4. The flow of time in the vicinity of the UFO craft has slowed down.

Anyone attempting to comprehend the principles underlying the UFO propulsion system must first comprehend how these four anomalies arise. Understanding the principle of occurrence of these phenomena is obviously the foundation for understanding the UFO propulsion system. That must be a difficult task. We are currently unable to manipulate any of the quantities listed above that appear in these anomalies (gravity, inertia, interaction, time).

The problem is that our physics cannot provide us with any initial explanations for these anomalies. UFOs are demonstrating something to us that we do not understand. Perhaps there is only one cause for all four anomalies. For instance, this may be a field that we have yet to discover.

Looking at it all, we can say that UFOs completely destroy our understanding of the fundamental laws of physics. Today’s science is not able to help us solve this mystery. Perhaps we should venture into the realm of exotic ideas and trust our intuition that we are on the right track. Many respected scientists are gradually making it known that there is a need to re-examine the existing laws of physics, to determine whether they are incomplete or even incorrect. Research into the strange characteristics of UFOs may yield these new insights and necessary corrections in physics.