An Introduction to Disruptive Physics


The primary goal of this blog is to understand the physics that could explain UFO propulsion, as well as a variety of other phenomena associated with these unknown spacecraft.

The following basic topics will be covered in the blog:

  • Rethinking foundations of physics
  • UFO physics
  • Time imprint theory

As we learn more and more about UFOs, we are coming to realize that they are extremely advanced technologies based on unknown physical laws (more on “Unidentified flying objects (UFOs) and strange phenomena associated with them“). We are unsure where the study of such advanced technology will lead us. To understand the principles underlying this unknown technology, we will almost certainly need to revise our understanding of some physical phenomena or develop new theories.

This could lead to more profound changes in physics and its theories. The title of this page, Disruptive Physics, suggests just that.


UFO-related phenomena and physics

Various UFO-related phenomena have been observed that are difficult to explain. These objects do not behave according to the known physical laws. It has been observed that they can suddenly accelerate, disappear, or reappear. They can reach incredible speeds and defy gravity. In addition, it was noticed that their propulsion made no noise.

I am convinced that UFOs are real because I have had the opportunity to see them. What I’ve seen indicates that they are highly intelligently guided, have exceptional maneuverability, and have a different appearance than the aircraft we’re familiar with.

It becomes clear to us that such advanced technology could only have been created by someone with far more advanced knowledge of physics. As a result, we are beginning to realize that this is an extraterrestrial technology.

At least to some degree, such extraterrestrial technology may have been developed in top-secret military laboratories here on Earth. In this case, it is to be expected that this technology is intended exclusively for military purposes and not for solving the problems that humanity is currently facing.

We have a mitigating circumstance because someone is demonstrating to us how this advanced technology works. We get a lot of information about the characteristics of UFOs almost every day. All we have to do now is make an effort to grasp the principles that underpin this remarkable technology.

However, we notice that it is not as simple as that. The observed UFO phenomena do not accord with our understanding of physics. As a result, we must ask ourselves where the problem is. Why are we unable to comprehend the physical principles underlying these flying objects? It is obvious that the problem is with our physics. Did we make a mistake and end up at a dead-end? This blog will go into detail about this, as well as a lot more about UFO physics and technology.


Time imprint theory

In this regard, I will also present ideas on which I have been working for quite some time. I get the impression that this work is gradually evolving into the theory needed to understand UFO drives and UFO-related phenomena.

I will call this future theory (or current work) Time imprint theory. The name came from a new view of space and time, which this work mainly deals with.

All of this can be interpreted as a starting point for collaborative research aimed at understanding the physics and technology of UFOs.